Hydraulic butterfly valve features

Hydraulic butterfly valve is widely used in blast furnace gas pipe network system of metallurgy industry to prevent gas tempering in pipe. In the electric power industry, in order to prevent the pressure in the turbine from dropping suddenly when the turbine unit dumps the load, the exhaust pipe and the steam in each heater pour into the turbine and cause the malignant accident of breaking the turbine blade and damaging the turbine generator, it is used as an emergency cut-off valve. When the system is in dangerous working condition, emergency closing of the valve can be implemented within 0.5 seconds to realize the reliable cut-off of the pipeline. Effectively prevent the steam and condensate from pouring down at the tail of the turbine to protect the safety of the turbine unit. It has the following features:

1, the valve is mainly composed of valve, hydraulic station, quick closing actuator, PLC intelligent electric control box and special trip feedback device;

2, finishing rack and pinion type hydraulic actuator, compact structure, stable operation, safe and reliable;

3, PLC intelligent electrical control system, high degree of automation, remote, local control system;

4, the use of international famous brand automation components, superior product performance, reliable quality;

5, the valve normal opening and closing power source is generally provided by the supporting hydraulic pump station, but also from the steam turbine main hydraulic station;

6. The system power supply is 380V, and the control power supply is AC220V, DC220V, DC110V and other power grades;