Low load butterfly valve features

Low load butterfly valve is mainly used for flow control and pressure control of low pressure medium. Characterized by simple structure, easy operation and light weight, it is usually used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, power plant and power plant

Automatic control and remote control in light industry. It has the following characteristics:

1. The valve body adopts steel plate welding structure, and the valve part is divided into open type and backseat type according to its structure.

2. The open type has no seat structure, so the leakage amount is large. The backseat type increases the seat on the basis of the open type mechanism, so the leakage amount is greatly improved compared with the open type structure.

3. The valve cover is divided into two types: standard type and outer bearing type. The standard type is suitable for the diameter below DN500, and the outer bearing type is suitable for the diameter above DN600.

Simple structure, light structure, suitable for low pressure air or other gas flow, pressure control, also suitable for high temperature gas.