Fluorine-lined ball valve features

1. Small fluid resistance, lining the inner wall of the ball valve smooth, smooth flow channel is all kinds of valves in a small fluid resistance Z.

2. The switch is quick and convenient, only need to rotate the sphere by 90° to complete the opening and closing actions.

3. Special molding process is adopted to line the lining material on the inner wall of the valve shell, which can resist the corrosion of strong acid and alkali media. Lining spherical and PTFE seat combination, good sealing, to achieve zero leakage.

4. Pneumatic, electric, hydraulic and other driving devices can be configured to realize remote control and automatic operation.

5. The ball is integrated with the valve stem, which eliminates the rotation Angle difference, eliminates the danger of the valve stem rushing out of the body due to the pressure change, and ensures the safety and reliability of use.