Electric actuator market analysis

With the rapid development of international electronic technology, the automation instrument has also produced a revolutionary breakthrough. Shanghai in the 70 s since the instrument has introduced the British ROTORK 60 s D generation product technology, large volume, is not convenient for installation and debugging, torque protection using passive dry contact limit protection, which is using the toggle switch to torque limit protection, which is still in the mechanical protection, for the toggle switch mechanical properties put forward high request, has failed to improve. Since the instrument is still in digestion technology in Shanghai at the same time, the British ROTORK followed out D the second generation product, using piezoelectric crystal sensor to calculate the torque and torque protection, for the machining and installation requirements higher, currently on the market almost non-existent ROTORK DD generation products, but also visible to Shanghai from the huge body of that kind like missiles, sometimes really irrational market.The stagnation of the development of state-owned enterprises is sometimes, which made a great development space to the private sector, in the meantime, wenzhou rickey to play, please come to xi 'an Zheng Yong professors to develop the technology, in the 80 s, a professor of contact analog circuit is more, so now wenzhou rickey electronic part mostly analog circuits, are the many electronic devices, PCB this for mass production has brought a lot of trouble, no matter from purchasing or in SMT production, all put forward higher requirements, especially cannot be achieved, especially in product upgrades chip USES is the older generation of TI company product, designed are failing to consider to upgrade space, Without communication serial port, can't realize the upper machine data exchange to test all the PCB function, D the second generation products are only in rechargeable batteries and code to calculate the improvement to the valve position, the valve position are calculated by use of a rack light-leaking type of coding, strain on high temperature mechanical properties and rack wear or insufficient consideration, to increases the machine housing improvement and machining process, from the consideration on the cost and increase the rate of process error is not desirable.

To sum up, we are all talking about the differences in the electronic part. How far behind the British ROTORK is China's electric actuator technology? British ROTORK products are 3-4 times more expensive than domestic products, is his quality several times better than domestic products? In fact, ROTORK is also machining in China, including the development of box grinding tools and die casting all in China.

Interests determines the market disputes, triggering a new technological revolution, and mechanical processing aspects in our country have ROTORK in a start up, even by wenzhou otto grams imitation and British ROTORK a shape, but still lack on electronic development ability, the regional advantages, and wenzhou mechanical processing ability is good, but the hardware and software development talents are scarce, plus the wenzhou people unique cultural bottom lip, so there is a big loophole on talent management, thereby limiting the development of the product. Areas complement each other, had appeared in several big meter base and British ROTORK comparable software and hardware technology, PCB is concise and the cost is low, all adopt a highly integrated SOC chip technology, the operation is fast and the space is large, support all the fieldbus, even with bluetooth GPS receiving messages and instructions, including frequency conversion technology integration. At present, after years of testing in the market and various environmental tests, there has never been a problem. The clever Chinese are not behind the British at all. 

Electric actuator popular point is a controller, a day, think adding features in software is the technological frontier, applied to consider the actual demand, on the photoelectric isolated, consultative services, anti-interference already as good as the UK ROTORK, software function on the increase, the price is more than the product price several times the reason? I believe that China has no problem in the electric actuator technology, there will be a greater breakthrough in the future, will lead the industry to continuous progress!